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Documents since A.D. 1260 

 Lord Bishop of Münster.  This is the subject of the following documents: Ownership was eventually transferred from the Freckenhorst Monastery

                                                                    Monastery Freckenhorst from 8. centuries old.
The Golden Book (Codex Aureus) 

The National Museum of Westphalia keeps this precious book from the abbey of Freckenhorst. The vellum paper writing stems from the 11th century. The book contains writings and images taken from the gospel, legal and economic matters of the monastery as well as a list of al the farms belonging to the monastery. In the book we found our name " Wepele - Oelde 12 Din. So we have a proof, that our farm already since then 11.th century. Freckenhorst is situated between Muenster and Oelde in Westfalia.

From the book: Kirche und Stift Freckenhorst, Eigenverlag
Photo: Westfälisches Landesmuseum Münster


1260: Heinrich to the von Weppel sells the leasehold as well his „Drostenamt", granted to him by the Freckenhorst Monastery to the Marienfeld Monastery.  They compensate Freckenhorst with other properties:
„Ego Heilewigis abbatissa de Vrekenhurst..., quod Heinricus dictus de Wepele, assumpto fratre suo domino Rodolfo de Blasnen necnon et uxore sue Mechthilde, consentiente etiam Bertrammo de Wepele et ceteris coheredibus suis, accessit ad nos resignans nobis jus feodale curtis in Wepele, quam de manu nostra tenuerat ...„ - 

1268: Bishop Gerhard von Münster transfers the property bought by Conrad von Mecheln to the Marienfeld Monastery:  „Gerhardus Dei gratia Monasteriensis episcopus ... notum fecimus, quod Conradus miles dictus Mechlen ... quondam mansum in Wepele nobis absolute et libere contulit ... Nos autem ... predictum mansum contulismus monasterio campi sancte Marie...„ - 

15.08.1269 An exchange of properties between Earl Engelbert von der Mark and the Marienfeld Monastery: „Nos Engelbertis comes de Marchia notum facimus, quod cum venerabili domino abbate de campo sancte Marie et ecclesia sua talem decimus commutationem bonorum, dantes eis pratum nostrum Wepele ...„ -

24. 03. 1307:  Pelegrinus, Provost of Clarholz, witnesses that the Squire Rudolphus, Son of the Knight Henricus de Horst, has renounced his claim to the Hof Wepele in favor of the Marienfeld Monastery. 
The Schultenhof ter Weppel transferred herewith to the Marienfeld Monastery.  According to the 1456 taxation lists of the monastery, the Hof Wepele was required to tithe the Marienfeld Monastery, and, together with other Marienfelder farms in the parish of Oelde, part of these duties were fullfilled by providing haulage to the Meierhof Gröning. In the „Verzeichnis der dem Kloster Marienfeld eigenbehörigen Höfe, Kotten und Leute„ (an index of property held by the monastery and of their tenants), dating from the end of the 15th century, a „sculte tor Weppel„ is mentioned. – According to the „Generalregister vom Jahre 1634„, Villicus Weppelmann owed 6 florins (i.e. Goldguilders) in taxes. Schulze zu Weppel or Weppelmann is entered into the „Allgemeines Verzeichnis der Güter und Einkünfte„ dating from 1820. 
Menso Schulte ter Weppel is the first person we can name, because he appears in a document written on pigskin dated.Sep. 13, 1546 in the parish archive. It relates to a settlement between Johan Torck, Priest in Oelde and the „Kerkraiden„ (Church Council) of the Church in Ollede about the entitlements of „groten Bennynckloe„ (a farm).  „Menso Schulte ter Weppel.„ is mentioned there as a member of the Kerkraid in Ollede. 
The farm is listed in the 1585 Register of Revenues of the Parish of Oelde as one of the „Sadelhöfe„ that had to give the priest a yearly Epiphany gift of „ein paar onstraffbarliche hanen und 1 münsterischen Schilling„ (two roosters and one Münster Shilling). 
In the Archives of the Marienfeld Monastery in the State Archive in Münster, there are a large number of references to this farm.  The probate of Schulten Jürgen zur Weppel by his widow Alheid, dated June 22, 1623, lists „a black shirt with brooch, an old felt shirt, four shirts and several collars besides his daily wear.  Livestock consisted of 9 horses, 1 foal, 8 milchcows, 3 heifers and 14 pigs". – The estate was assessed at 17 Reichsthaler. 

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