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   Weppelmann / Schmidt / Smith

The weavers’ helper Johannes Weppelmann moved from Ottmarsbocholt / Ascheberg to Kloppenheim near Frankfurt / M. around 1690.  There he married Anna Christina (last name unknown).  There are 4 children from this marriage.  The youngest son, Johann Bernhard, was born on Sep.12, 1713.  From him originate Johannes’ present descendants.  Most members of this Weppelmann-Family were teachers, linen-weavers, soap makers, traders, watchmakers and jewelers. One of them, Adamus Weppelmann, born Sep. 2, 1779, was Councilman and teacher in  Kaup  on the Rhine.  His son, Johann Philippus, born Oct. 13, 1609, was a teacher also, in Kaup and Oberlahnstein. 
Johann Philippus had a son, August Weppelmann, born Nov. 17, 1875, who joined the Benedictine Order in  Kloster Beuron . There he obtained the name Raffael.  On Sep. 8, 1878, Pater Raffael was ordained as a priest in Cologne. Via Volders/Austria and Prague he came to  Maria Laach  on Mar. 12, 1893.  The monastery had fallen victim to secularization and the Prussian „cultural revolution". Pater Raffael was instrumental in the reconstruction of the Monastery, since, as a „Zellerar" (major-domo) he was responsible the management of the finances.
Christian Weppelmann was another son of Johann Philippus.  He was born in Kaub / Rhine in 1830, and emigrated to Australia in 1852.  There he married Johanna Rothe in 1883 and settled near St.Mary in Tasmania as a farmer.  Josef Weppelmann  was a brother of Johann Philippus.  On Dec. 19, 1832, in  Bad Ems /Lahn , he married Elisabeth Schmidt from Limburg./Lahn.  They had 3 sons and two daughters. 

1)  Joseph Weppelmann, born Sep. 16, 1835, 
2)  Wilhelm Weppelmann, born in 1836,
3.) Hermann Weppelmann, born in 1837, 
4.) Elisabeth Weppelmann, born on Mar. 31, 1842, 
5.) Annette Weppelmann, born in 1845. 


Hermann Weppelmann

Joseph Weppelmann later named Schmidt
The business of Wilhelm Weppelmann/Schmidt in Glenn Ines NSW Australia
Wilhelm Weppelmann later named Schmidt

All the sons were watchmakers, jewelers and traders. 

The business of Joseph Weppelmann/
Schmidt in Glen Ines /NSW Australia.
Josef und Wilhelm emigrated to Australia in 1867 and settled in Young/New South Wales-Australia.  There they established a business as watchmakers and jewelers.  Because Weppelmann was difficult to pronounce in English, they named themselves Schmidt, the maiden name of their mother.

 Some descendants have anglicized their names to Smith. The descendants live in the area Sydney

On Apr. 22, 1867, Elisabeth Weppelmann married Heinrich Josef. Eisenbeis in Bad Ems. The descendants still live in Bad Ems/Germany. 

This Information is prepared for the Internet.  Should you be interested in, or have questions about the complete ancestry of the Weppelmann family (ca. 4000 persons), with names, birth dates, marriage dates, occupation, etc. (as far as these are known), completed with maps, the history of the farms and cottages in Ottmarsbocholt as well as life-stories from different times, please sent me e Mail:  Best regards

Franz-Josef Weppelmann 

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