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Joan Henrich Weppelmann, born. Apr. 3,  married a second time on May 10, 1858 to Maria Anna Kersting, in Seppenrade. There are 4 children from this marriage.  The youngest was Therese Gertrud Weppelmann who was born on Aug. 24, in Nordkirchen.  On Nov., 1896 she entered  the Order of the Steyler Mission Sisters.  She took the veil in Steyl on Jun. 13, 1897.  From then on she was called Sister Bonifatia. The emigration to Brazil followed on Jul. 25, 1902.  She died in Juiz de Fora on Dec. 12, 1951 and was buried there. She worked beneficiently for almost 50 years in various establishments of the Steyler Mission Society in Brazil and helped to set up many of these establishments.  She was one of the first sisters of the Steyler Mission who was sent to Brazil. Though she was the oldest of the Sisters who had emigrated with her, she outlived them all.
Foto: Steyl/Rom
Sister Bonifatia Weppelmann and the collegues who began their work as the first Steyler Mission  Sisters in Brazil
in 1902.

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