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Titel:         The Weppelman(n) Family 1100 - today 
              From Münsterland to the four corners of the world. 

The book ( in german) tells on 200 pages about the undertaking spirit of my ancestors as farmers, craftsmen, day laborers, farmhands and farm servants.  In the most difficult of times some looked for a new homeland in the Netherlands, America, South Africa and   Australia. The book tells likewise of the conditions of earlier times, to make a living on the land - to survive better   - with various setbacks and the dependency on   authorities - with many photos - maps - etc.
 Price: 27.00 US Dollar.  + post office

The Family Tree Weppelmann  ( for german and enlish );
On over 456 pages, A 4 format, all living Weppelman(n)s are entered. Beginning with the oldest documentation in 1100 up to the now living members of the Weppelman(n)- family the records are extensive. 
Over 4500 persons are entered in this book, together with details of date of birth, - place, occupation, wedding date, name of spouse and   death date. 
Price: 40.00 US Dollar + post office=


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